The Ajuda Grande redoubt is situated north of the parish of Bucelas, near the village of Alrota on a limestone ridge which provides a panoramic view of a vast area. It is both a place to appreciate the marvellous scenery and to read the strategy behind the construction of this defensive system.

This military field camp was part of the 2nd Line and, with other fortifications, protected the land between the Tagus and the Bucelas Pass. It specifically controlled the road which joined Sobral de Monte Agraço and Santo Antão do Tojal, passing through Arranhó and Bucelas.

This redoubt is composite in form. It consists of two connected bulwarks, with three access points. It is surrounded by a trench which has been carved out of the rock in some places. There is an elbow-shaped traverse defending one of the entrances to the north. Inside, there is a magazine, a total of five embrasures and two traverses, one of them elbow-shaped, which reinforced the active defence of the entrances.

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