(CILT) – Bucelas

The Lines of Torres Vedras Historical Trail is a cultural and tourist asset that invites the visitor to discover a unique heritage in the history of Europe. Mainly associated with the French Invasions, there are other points of interest for those who visit. The Lines of Torres Vedras Historical Trail offers a range of experiences: visits to historical buildings, tasting the local wines, sampling the rich gastronomy, being amazed by the stunning scenery.

The visitor can choose from various articulated trails, covering a vast area from the river Tagus to the Atlantic coast, supported by Visitors’ Centres that contextualise the historical and social significance of the place they are visiting. The fortifications of the military defensive system that are situated in the Municipality of Loures are on the following trails: The Junction of the Lines; The Great Passes; Alrota-Arpim and Ribas.

Visitors have a map and a guide at their disposal to help them choose one or more of the trails, or they can get more information from one of several Heritage and Visitors’ Centres, including the one in Bucelas.

CILT de Bucelas
Rua Dom Afonso Henriques 2 e 4 (EN16)
2670-637 Bucelas

Telephone: (+351) 211 150 669/ (+351) 924 487297

Email: cilt@cm-loures.pt

Website: www.cm-loures.pt

Timetable: Tuesday to Sunday | 10.00am to 1.00pm / 2.00pm to 6.00pm