Fort Arpim

Fort Arpim is in the parish of Bucelas near the boundary of the municipality with Vila Franca de Xira. Its strategic position allowed visual communication with other fortifications, especially the groups at Calhandriz and Aguieira, but also the posts at Ajuda.

This fortification was part of the 1st Line, but set back from it. In combination with other forts, it protected the land between the banks of the Tagus and the passes at Calhandriz and Bucelas.

This fort was built to a polygonal plan, surrounded by a trench. It is almost entirely made of earth, with the exception of the magazine. There are still five gun emplacements and an imposing magazine where there is visible evidence of where wooden structures were erected, as well as a drainage system to clear rain water. Outside, there is an elbow-shaped traverse to protect the entrance.

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