Fort Casa

Military work nº38 was constructed at the start of the second line of fortifications, in a strategic position: Serra da Albueira. This is now in the parish called “Forte da Casa”. It was part of a series of seven forts which extended from the banks of the river Tagus to the heights of the sierra. It was tasked with impeding the progress of the enemy army along the two main roads: the Maria I Royal Road, which ran alongside the river, and the Vialonga Royal Road.

It was built in the shape of a star and has a trench, six gun emplacements and capacity for 340 men. It was equipped with five x 9 calibre cannon, manned by the Portuguese artillery and ordnance. In case of attack, it would have had the support of the national militias under the command of Colonel Carlos Frederico Lecor.

It was the subject of archaeological excavations in 2008, allowing a first time analysis of the construction techniques used to build these military fortifications and highlighting the innovative plan and internal layout. The magazine and two embrasures were conserved and curated and included two years later in the Fort Casa Heritage and Visitors’ Centre.

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