Fort Feira

Fort Feira is one of the fortifications on the 2nd Line. This is the point on the Lines with the highest concentration of redoubts, positioned here to defend the Torres Vedras – Lisbon and Mafra – Lisbon roads.

In Malveira itself, there are three forts (Santa Maria, Feira and Malveira), in the immediate vicinity there are Fort Matoutinho and Quinta do Estrangeiro (Venda do Pinheiro).

Situated in the town of Malveira, Fort Feira took its name from the annual fair that had been instituted by the queen, Dona Maria I, on 14th December 1782 for the buying and selling of livestock. During the French Invasions, the village of Malveira was restricted to an area around the chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Our Lady of Remedies), but the area next to where the fort is was frequently used for the fair.

Fort Feira is a Vaubon-style star shape, with a surrounding trench excavated from the rock. The entrance was protected by an elbow-shaped earthwork, and access was via a wooden bridge.

The archaeological work carried out (2010-2011) brought about considerable changes in the reading of this fort. Completely hidden beforehand, a complex construction incorporating wooden and stonework structures in the more important parts of the fortification (magazine and embrasures) was identified.

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