Fort Grande (nº28) is sited next to Fort Pequeno (nº29) between the 1st and 2nd Lines. The strategic objective of these redoubts was to defend the Torres – Montachique road, along with Wellington’s headquarters in Pêro Negro.

Redoubts 28 and 29 were garrisoned by the allied divisions of the Spanish General, Marquês de la Romana, who was based in Enxara dos Cavaleiros.

Fort Grande – nº 28
The footprint of this fort is in the shape of a star. It is an earthwork, with trenches, magazine and traverses to protect the entrance.

There are 6 embrasures, as well as some vestiges of the banquete used by riflemen. It had 4 cannon (9 calibre) and a garrison of 280 men.

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