Quartel-General de Spencer – Quinta da Póvoa

Quinta da Póvoa and Quinta Vale do Corvo

Working Farm with two eighteenth-century houses surrounded by clumps of centenary trees and dedicated essentially to viticulture, traditional production of Rocha pear and high quality horticultural products.

During the first French invasion of Portugal (1807-1808) served as strategic shelter to armed civilian resistance, led by the Royal Volunteers.

During the occupation and defence of the Lines of Torres Vedras (1810), Quinta da Póvoa, nestling in the shadow of Socorro Hill (Wellington’s “Eagle Nest was the headquarters of the 2nd commander of the British Army of the Peninsula, General Sir Brent Spencer .

The farm remains in the possession of the original family, the Barros e Vasconcellos, who have carefully preserved all the historical heritage and curiosity of 200 years ago. It is now a place that allows us to “travel” in time until the period of the defence of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

Quinta da Póvoa e Vale do Corvo

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