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The strategy behind the Lines of Torres Vedras rested on control of the road access routes to Lisbon. The main routes were: the Royal Road along the river from Alhandra and the Royal Road that starts at Torres Vedras, with an alternative through Montachique and Mafra which intersects between Malveira and Venda do Pinheiro. The road network and the steepness of the hills of this region resulted in the highest concentration of forts, making it the real junction of the Lines.

Start this trail from Fort Feira, the fortification in the centre of the town of Malveira. Follow the suggested itinerary and visit other military works which defended this access to Lisbon. These include: the Montachique Redoubt; the Mosqueiro Redoubt; the Ribas Redoubt and Escarpment. In the village of Montachique, there was a supply post for the Anglo-Portuguese troops and, at the highest point, a communications station which linked to Serra do Socorro.

Alto do Mosqueiro, viewpoint and window across the magnificent countryside around it, is a basalt hill, remains of an ancient volcanic chimney and is a geological imprint on the Estremaduran countryside. The stunning views from here means that you can pick out many other fortifications and understand the strategy behind the construction of this admirable defensive system. Near the Ribas redoubt, at the beginning of Spring, a carpet of wild orchids will dazzle any visitor. Enjoy it!

Stop and visit the Bucelas Heritage and Visitors’ Centre (CILT). You will find more information about the historical context of the Peninsular Wars, the fortifications and the many other cultural and tourist delights that this region has to offer its visitors. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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Lines of Torres Vedras Heritage and Visitors’ Centre

Rua Dom Afonso Henriques 2 e 4 (EN16) | 2670-637 Bucelas

(+351 211 150 669) / 924 487297

Tuesday to Sunday | 10.00am-1.00pm / 2.00pm-6.00pm


Allow yourself to be transported back to the Lines by experiencing the taste of local dishes using local ingredients, accompanied by a sprinkling of anecdotes that recreate the flavours of the 19th century.


Because you’ll want to stay, pick a location where you can recharge your batteries, where tranquility and a sense of well-being go hand in hand with history.


From Torres Vedras, you can climb to the tops of hills and visit the castle and other historic sites which illustrate the past. You can listen to the chimes marking the passage of time; breathe in the intense, warm aroma of the countryside; swim in the cooling waters of a very blue sea which plays on an endless golden beach.


Today, the Lines of Torres Vedras are an excuse to live, feel and savour what this area has to offer. Along the Lines, you can try a little of everything: from adventure to sport; culture to wellbeing; from wines to fine food… Daydream with your family, your partner, or in a group. Dedicate your time to taking the best of what Life has to offer as you explore the Junction of the Lines Trail.