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Tourist and Heritage Development of the Lines of Torres Vedras
Association for the Historical and Tourist Development of the Lines of Torres Vedras

Who we are

The Association for the Historical and Tourist Development of the Lines of Torres Vedras (RHLT) is an association formed with the objectives of developing tourism and the physical resources of the Lines of Torres Vedras. It is a not-for-profit and was founded by the municipalities of Arruda dos Vinhos, Loures, Mafra, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Torres Vedras and Vila Franca de Xira. As an association, it can bring together other public and private bodies, individuals and groups, who are interested in the conservation and valorisation of the heritage of the Lines of Torres Vedras, as well as its potential for tourism. The RHLT cooperates and collaborates with other national and international associations sharing similar objectives.

The Association has a multi-disciplinary technical team which operates in the areas of archaeology, communication, conservation and safeguarding, curation, national and international partnerships, cultural programmes and projects, tourism, amongst others. It can also count on the support of other collaborators and of the consultative committee, as necessary.

Our mission

To conserve and give value to the heritage of the Lines of Torres Vedras and promote it as a tourist and cultural product.

The Historic Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras intends to contribute to the sustainable development of the territory via the following objectives:

  • To protect and add value to the cultural, environmental, historical and urban heritage of the Lines of Torres Vedras;
  • To stimulate the sharing of experience, in the fields of research, conservation and restoration;
  • To contribute to a policy of sustainable tourism at all levels;
  • To cooperate with public and private partners to raise awareness of the RHLT as a destination and attract more visitors;
  • To create an RHLT communication strategy and reinforce it as a brand in the sector;
  • To collaborate with cultural, economic and tourism agencies, so as to create wealth and added value for the development of the region, lending support to broadening the range of offers that satisfy the needs of visitors and developing policies of promotion and influence;
  • Promoting a raised awareness of the historical and patrimonial importance of this monument.
Tribute to the memory and resistance of the Portuguese people

National Lines of Torres Vedras Day

This special day was created by the Portuguese Parliament on 17th October 2014. It unanimously voted to nominate the 20th October as National Lines of Torres Vedras Day, in a well-deserved commemoration of the resistance of the Portuguese population, as well as the military engineering strategy. The spirit of sacrifice of all those civilians who fought against the invasion was integrated into the strategy of the allied army. Whether they helped to build fortifications or voluntarily abandoned their homes and destroyed their precious belongings, thus depriving the invading army of food and provisions that would have kept them going. These ordinary people also put their own survival and the future of their country at risk.

European Conservation Project Award

Europa Nostra

The Association for the Historical and Tourist Development of the Lines of Torres Vedras (RHLT) was recognised by the EU for its achievements and awarded a prize in the Conservation category at a ceremony in Austria on 5th May 2014.

In their deliberations, the jury considered the importance of preserving this military system which played such an important role in the history of Portugal and Europe; the numerous inter-municipal advantages for the different authorities involved in RHLT; the potential for encouraging new visitors to discover the region, as well as the innovative architectural projects for the Heritage and Visitors’ Centres and the way their contemporary design establishes a link between past and present.

The 27 award-winning projects were selected from 169 entries from 31 countries.

This award by the EU and Europa Nostra has given the RHLT international recognition for its work on the conservation, defence and valorisation of this European cultural heritage, giving it a national and European historical identity.

Award for the Best Public Regeneration Project

Portuguese Tourist Board

In 2012, the Portuguese Tourist Board awarded the Best Public Regeneration Project to the Historic Routes of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

This honour recognises the contribution of the project to improving the country’s tourism and raising the awareness of Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence. Portugal’s Minister of Tourism stressed that “The Project (…) has contributed to what the region has to offer and to the regeneration of national monuments with the renovation of military fortifications, as well as various tours which allow visitors to get to know the area better. The project was also praised for the friendly welcome provided by specialist tour guides (…). Of equal merit is the development of partnerships with the various local and regional entities, specifically catering and hotel businesses, and also partnerships with relevant Town Councils. This project is an important factor in the economic development of each Council and of the region as a whole (…).” Federico Costa

The project is supported by the Municipalities of Arruda dos Vinhos, Loures, Mafra, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Torres Vedras and Vila Franca de Xira.


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