Between the Tagus and the Atlantic – indomitable Nature
Lines that trace our identity and communicate it to the visitor


Roughly 30 minutes from Lisbon, the Torres Vedras landscape is marked by its rolling hills and green valleys, windmills, vineyards, and by the beaches of golden sand bathed by the blue of the ocean.

This breathtaking scenery lent itself to what was called the Lines – that important feat of military architecture and engineering. European history acknowledges it as the place that marked the beginning of the end for Napoleon in 1810.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable day, setting off from St. Vincent’s Fort, one of the most important military works of the defensive system. While you’re here, visit the Heritage and Visitors’ Centre for the Lines of Torres Vedras and learn a little more of the history that changed the future of Portugal. Nearby stands the medieval castle, a military structure that, in conjunction with the St Vincent and Forca forts, defended one of the main access routes to the capital.

To the south of the city, atop the imposing sierra at Archeira, is Fort Feiteira. From here, you can look down towards the villages of Runa and Dois Portos, scene of two important engagements of the opposing armies. Then, head west and visit the forts of Grilo and Passo, built along the course of the river Sizandro on its way to the sea.

Landscape drawn by the vineyards that cover the slopes that were once defended by the Lines of Torres Vedras. Here, tradition and the contemporary combine to provide a unique experience that surprises all who visit! Dedicate your time to the best that Life can offer and come to explore Torres Vedras on the First Line!

11Torres Vedras na Primeira Linha


St Vincent’s Fort | 2560-629 Torres Vedras

(+351) 261 320 754

Tuesday to Sunday | 10am-1pm / 2pm to 6pm

Closed on New Year’s Day, the Sunday and Tuesday of Carnaval, Easter Sunday, 1st May, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Entry: 2€

Free entry on Sundays, the Municipal holiday, International Monuments and Sites Day and International Museums Day.

Where to eat

Allow yourself to be transported back to the Lines by experiencing the taste of local dishes using local ingredients, accompanied by a sprinkling of anecdotes that recreate the flavours of the 19th century.

Where to sleep

Because you’ll want to stay, pick a location where you can recharge your batteries, where tranquility and a sense of well-being go hand in hand with history.

What to see

From Torres Vedras, you can climb to the tops of hills and visit the castle and other historic sites which illustrate the past. You can listen to the chimes marking the passage of time; breathe in the intense, warm aroma of the countryside; swim in the cooling waters of a very blue sea which plays on an endless golden beach.

What to do

Today, the Lines of Torres Vedras are an excuse to live, feel and savour what this area has to offer. Along the Lines, you can try a little of everything: from adventure to sport; culture to wellbeing; from wines to fine food… Daydream with your family, your partner, or in a group. Dedicate your time to taking the best of what Life has to offer as you explore the Torres Vedras - Along the First Line Trail.